An Artistic Approach to Commercial Photography

I believe that commercial photography should not be treated any differently than art photography. At Larsons Photography, my team and I approach commercial photography contracts with artistic and conceptual methods. I examine the subject to find its most defining and essential elements. Form, texture, taste, temperature, motion, emotion, attitude—all are taken into careful consideration. I then take photos of the product from a number of different angles.

My Specialties

• Real Estate • Glamour Shots • Business Photos • Website Photos • Photos of Food for Restaurants

Capturing Your Message

The essence of commercial photography is the art of capturing a message in a picture or slogan. I work directly with businesses prior to any photography session to determine the exact message they wish to convey. Whether I'm applying this approach to travel, fashion, food, products, or editorial, my goal is the same: to create living, breathing images that leap off the page and seize the viewer's attention.

Location, Location, Location

Commercial photography is very popular in Sacramento, California, because of all the beautiful buildings, parks, rivers, and other natural locations. Pictures from these locations are often used to promote tourism and can be found in brochures on and billboards and websites.


Rates for portrait and commercial photography vary depending on the type of image you want to create, travel requirements, and other details. Please contact me for more information.

Glamour Shot of a Woman