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Robert Larson, award winning photographer

Robert Larson is located in Sacramento, Citrus Heights area. In his many years as a professional photographer he has created timeless photos in all areas of photography including Wedding, Portraits, Fashion, Commercial , newborn and professional digital retouching.

Capturing the right moment takes a trained eye and years of experience. Robert Larson uses his outgoing personality and artistic eye to create memorable images worth a thousand words. His passion and appreciation for the arts is evident through the body of his work featured in several publications around California. Pictures tell stories that travel through the times, embrace the special moments in a frame.

For decades, photography has been the foremost way to capture memories of special events. Nothing has changed over the years except the technology. Time- honored techniques are combined with the latest equipment and software to produce exquisite lasting memories. Robert Larson consistently impresses with quality work completed in a timely and professional manner

Larson's Photography offers state-of-the-art Digital Retouching just like in the top magazines. Lighting can be harsh on anyone and everyone even some of the world's top fashion models. It is not you but it is the lighting - what we do at Larson's Photography is to make photos look like you do in real life! On top of our years of photography technical knowledge, we have an amazing 23 step process to digitally retouch your photos just like in the world's top fashion magazines! This includes whitening teeth and eyes as well as taking out any skin blemishes, scars, spots and way way more. And YES - these steps use some of the newest airbrushing technical advances to make you look your very best! Larson's Photography also likes to meet you before your shoot and get to know you a little - San Francisco Photographers will help you relax and have fun with your amazing professional photo shoot.

Specializing in Wedding Photography and Family Portraits.
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Expert wedding portrait photographer! Located in Sacramento California.

Thank you for visiting Larsons Photography. We specialize in wedding photography and family portraits and offer our services in San Francisco,  Napa Valley, and Sacramento

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